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Agile leadership made simple

In the course of an agile transformation, the classic working environment is transformed according to familiar frameworks of the agile way of working. New processes and methods such as Scrum, Kanban and scaling models such as SAFe and LeSS provide ways of working with the aim of creating a mindset of flexibility and personal responsibility.

As a leader in this new environment, you are caught between the pressure to continue to deliver results but also to be more flexible and innovative. In addition, the responsibility to accompany the “change” in the best possible way and to supervise and support the employees in the new ways of working rests on the shoulders of the managers. High expectations are also placed on the approach and mindset of an “Agile Leader”.

One is confronted with buzzwords such as “servant leadership“, “mindset” or “psychological security” and many other terms. These are often intangible.

But what is behind these terms and what exactly do I have to do to achieve them?

  • We facilitate the understanding of these terms, clarify and define clear procedures
  • We learn about the responsibilities of an Agile Leader and implementation options in detail
  • You learn how to ensure delivery reliability despite the team’s self-responsibility
  • How to promote a new mindset, an open culture and still get planning security

In order to be able to address your individual topics, we offer this coaching as individual coaching. You are free to choose the date and frequency of the coaching session.

For a non-binding free consultation, please contact us via the contact form and let us know a possible date for a telephone conversation. We will then be happy to call you back.

Start date possible at any time! Price on request.

For: All Managers in the agile environment

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