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All areas of our lives, whether professional or private, are changing. Inflation, climate crisis, wars, VUCA, shortage of skilled workers and new crises are constantly reaching us. No one can ignore this. This often leads to frustration at work, resignation, indifference, lack of drive and listlessness. 

The results are a declining willingness to perform, on the other hand an escalating level of demands and pressure to perform, a lack of initiative and a lack of willingness to take risks, up to and including inner resignation.  

The productivity of the employee is gone and results do not materialize. Tasks are done “to get over it” and other employees are negatively infected as a result.

This downward spiral forces us to make changes and face challenges that can only be mastered with the right mindset and through conscious action. 

The success and failure of companies essentially depend on the quality, attitude and awareness of their employees, i.e. their mindset.

Your company’s success is only as great as the quality and mindset of your employees, and the “competition” for the best has long been underway.

The term Mindset is omnipresent and yet usually intangible. What exactly is the mindset, how do you change it and what can you as a leader contribute to it?

However, before you can lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself. Employees look at the example leaders set, not at what is said. => Leading by example

Discover together with us ways to a new successful mindset.


  • We work out/experience the basic pillars of successful action.
  • We recognize our behavior in conflict and stress situations and begin to optimize it.
  • We learn how problems actually arise and how to deal with and solve them in a meaningful way.
  • We learn how to free ourselves from the blockades of unfinished actions and put an end to whining, complaining and constant pessimism
  • We will learn ways I need to take to fully realize my full potential.
  • What I absolutely must do to lead employees to excellent performance.
For: Curious people who want to learn about and apply the principles of successful action