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Scientific progress is the underlying source of virtually all human accomplishment.
In the past scientists have made important scientific breakthroughs, but often those 
revelations were not recognized by society or the scientific establishment. 
I came across a few modern day examples of such theories, and I discuss them here.
I came across an interesting article that describes a species of bacteria that 
performs photosynthesis on heat radiation near undersea volcanic vents. 
Biology does not limit itself to (sun)light!
Pdf of "Dark" Photosynthetic bacteria.
What is the origin of Petroleum? You might think it is a fossil remnant of the past, but
it makes more sense to assume the hydrocarbons were part of the material the earth was 
made from. The late Thomas Gold was one of the most important western scientists promoting this theory.
I did a small literature study of his work and others.


The science of artificial intelligence might develop a way to create an intelligent computer; Such a system would be able to quickly access virtually all information available and utilize the computing power of many of the worlds computers over the internet. I have a few very interesting links concerning the development of AI, and a some ideas on how to achieve an intelligent computer.

Religion & The Paranormal
The strange properties of Quantum Physics play an important role in biology;
they can explain phenomena ranging from the folding of proteins to the observation
of events from the future. Here is a site with a theory that links Quantum physics to the brain, 
probably explaining paranormal phenomena like telepathy.

Other Links:

  • BBC's Horizon      BBC's scientific documentaries, some amazing stuff there and complete texts from
                                      the programs. Check out the one on Supervolcanos!! In a show on the Atkins diet
                                      they recently showed that it works because high protein decreases your appetite.
  • Kurzweil        Ray Kurzweil manages this extensive website with visions of the future.. Very interesting indeed!
    The man is a genious.




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