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Personal Data:



Name:                    Rudolf Nico Penninkhof,

Birth Date:              December 4, 1975

Birthplace:              Zwolle

Address:                 Maj. Gen. Simondsstraat 39          

8281 CE, Genemuiden, The Netherlands
tel +31 644828914

Email:                     Penninkhof@gmail.com

Website:                 www.evomind.com





Profile:                  Recently graduated biologist, specialized in molecular biology and bioinformatics. Highly motivated to find solutions to complex scientific issues, using different advanced fields of research such as bioinformatics. Looking forward to learning new skills and applying the latest scientific knowledge and personal insights in an ever evolving scientific environment.







1996- 2002            Msc. Biology WUR, Wageningen, The Netherlands


Thesis subjects:

                              Molecular Ecology (5 months):

                              “Isolation and characterization of three dominant strains from microbial communities”

                              Application of different selection methods and analysis tools such as DGGE, PCR and anaerobic growth techniques.

                              Main Supervisor: Dr. Erwin Zoetendal.


                              Bacterial Genetics (6 Months):

                              “Filling gaps in the pirimidine metabolism”

                              Functional characterization of an ubiquitous protein family; several genes have been cloned and overexpressed. The resulting proteins were purified and tested.


1990- 1996            VWO Almere college, Kampen


Exam subjects:

                              Math, physics, chemistry, biology and economy.






Work Experience



2002-2005             Small business manager, making photographic tile and stone murals.

The skills were learnt in San Diego (www.phototileandstone.com) and  production of custom order tile and aluminum pieces was started in the Netherlands.

Consultant for a new location of Phototileandstone in Las Vegas (2005).

This was combined with various temporary jobs in The Netherlands.


2001- 2002            Internship Bioinformatics: Genome annotation of Lactobacillus  plantarum (4 months).

                              NIZO food research Ede, CMBI Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

                              Annotation of sugar transport proteins in the first Dutch genome sequence.

                              For this project many software sources for linux and windows were used, as well as some custom programming in python.      

                              Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Roland Siezen.


2001                      Internship Bioinformatics: prediction of gene function (3 months).    

                              EMBL Heidelberg, Germany. Sequence annotation project at the bioinformatics division of van Peer Bork. Prediction of protein structure and function based on complete genome sequences and metabolic data.

Supervisor: Dr. Martijn Huynen.


1992- 2003            Ferry employee, Arriva, Genemuiden The Netherlands.


1999                      Research Associate (literature research) Water supply company Amsterdam.








- Different (bio)molecular techniques such as:


                        • Cloning                                                          • PCR

                        • DGGE gels                                                    • Percoll Density gradient separation

                        • Restriction Analysis                                        • Enzyme assays          

                        • DNA sequencing                                           • SDS/Page protein assays

                        • Microbiological techniques                             • Spectroscopy


- Broad scientific knowledge; giving the ability to learn and apply new methods quickly.

- Excellent bioinformatician; adept in windows, linux and moderate programming skills (bio-Perl).

- Flexible, driven and motivated to work in a team.

- Languages: Fluent Dutch and English, fair German and French.

- Licensed for driving, diving, typing etcetera.


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