Hello, Iím Rudolf!


I just got back from a three month trip to Burundi, at the beautiful lake Tanganjika.. I'm a biologist and general scientist and problem solver.. I enjoy doing advanced research and have found some really interesting things.. Such as a cure for cancer! Now that's fortunately an easy one and you can check it for yourself, scientifically by looking for Dean Ornish's work, and more practical by visiting some of my other sites and educating yourself.

Here's a few of those sites:


This has lots of interesting movies that I translated or helped to translate for Dutch subtitles.


This has lots of information that I found worthwhile to upload, like a few documentaries on that Cancer cure (Gerson-theraphy mostly) and some books and audio that can help to save your life, or to create strong AI, a happy life or whatnot :-).. Enjoy!

The rest of my old site is being rebuilt, find it here: http://evomind.com/science.htm

My email is penninkhof@gmail.com and my number is: +31 683050429

- Rudolf Penninkhof, Msc.


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