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Carl de Wit
Fotografie Golden Cave
UPR "Golden Cave"
UPR "Sunshine"

 A fractal is a computer generated image from a mathematical formula..
 Nowadays fractals are used to create phenomenally beautiful artworks and videos..
 Here you will find links to the best fractal programs, movies and some of my art!

Fractal Software:

  • Ultrafractal      Very powerful software, I used to to create most of my art.
                             Free demo available.
  • Apophysis       Free program to create fractal flames and animations.

Fractal Movies:

  • Spotworks                  Some excellent fractal movies! Must see!
  • Fractal-recursions     Some more excellent fractal movies! Must see!


My Fractal Art:

 You can download images of my fractals art here, but getting the UPR you can recreate them and tweak them
 for yourself with the Ultrafractal Program.

   "Sunshine" click to see a large version. UPR.

    "Golden Cave" click to see a large version.  UPR.  

Other works in the gallery below, some are quite large as well.


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