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Carl de Wit

Carl de Wit
Panoramic photography Digital Media

Carl de Wit (11-1-1937), Amsterdam, the Netherlands is an autodidact painter who explores several techniques in his artwork, ranging from painting to sculpture and digital art videography (download a sample).

Carl's work has been exhibited in Galerie Brinken (Stockholm) ; Galerie Gröna Palletten (Stockholm) ; Galeria Miró (Madrid) ; Galerie Artisan (Casablanca) ; Galeria van Praag (Ibiza) ; Galeria Ivan Spence (Ibiza) ; Galerie Eijlders (Zandvoort) ; Cafe Eijlders (Amsterdam) ; Galerie Kennedy (Amsterdam) ; Galerie Lotus (Amsterdam). Galerie 66, Amsterdam.

If you want to be informed about his future exhibitions or would like to buy one of his works let us know by email.

Below a selection of his Oil Paintings.
Click on an image to display a large version.



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