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During my Msc. education on biology in Wageningen I have noticed that 
for many molecular biological research questions computational tools 
and literature research can avoid lots of tedious and costly 
laboratory research! Therefore I have specialized myself in the 
field of bioinformatics; I have done an internship in the well 
established bioinformatics group (Bork) at the EMBL in Germany, and I 
have participated in the annotation of the first Dutch bacterial 
genome sequence. Here are some useful links to bioinformatics pages:
  • Psi Blast                                                Search tool for homology of genes.
  • String                Identifies conserved gene neighborhood, for annotation.
  • KEGG          Shows metabolic maps; complete with proteins and genes.
  • COG                           Groups of similar genes are well described here.
  • Pubmed                                                      Search for relevant literature.
  • EMBOSS         A set of very powerful software tools for bioinformatics.
  • L. Plantarum    The first Dutch Genome Sequence! I helped annotating it!


This list was created more to be diverse and short than complete.



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