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The System


Artificial Intelligence will create a revolution..

Our approach..

I have thought out an approach to create artificial intelligence, which I believe will work, eventually. The approach is based on logic..

Firstly I realize and assume that it will be too complicated to design every part of the AI, it would just be too complicated for us.. Therefore the intelligence should develop naturally, just like it did in nature. Very simply put: I would like to let the intelligence develop itself, by combining variation and selection.. Evolution of a mind.. Evomind :-D.

Nowadays there are a few different approaches I find relevant to the development of true AI.

Firstly there are programs that will learn to do things, to optimize the execution of certain simple tasks.
The weakness of these systems is that they can only handle that specific task; they are not suitable to do other things, and often they are created completely by humans, so that if something is changed the program will simply not work.

Secondly there are programs which generate novel ideas, such as Stephen Thaler's Imagination Engines. This software has to be adapted to a specific task, which is it's weakness.. But it can generate original new elements, once it is given  a known set of elements. For instance it has generated extremely hard chemical compounds, after it was given a set of known hard chemicals.. This is a very useful element in the creation of true AI. http://www.imagination-engines.com

Thirdly there is artificial life!
Artificial life software creates a software environment in which genetic algorithms, the life forms can change and multiply themselves. I am a biologist, and I do recognize these "life forms" as real life, they evolve and compete with each other for space. The problems in using this software for the development of AI are multiple:
The software environment is usually uniform, thus not driving the digital organisms to diversify.
There is no interaction with the real world, so there is no possible way to learn from what we know.. it's a bit like having an ant colony in a jar..
Usually the size of the "world" and the time the digital organisms are given to evolve is fairly short.. It took the real world a very long time to create intelligence, and that's with a stimulating, challenging environment of enormous proportions.

For this project I would like to develop units of artificial intelligence, like digital life forms, and select them on intelligence.

To operate these units a software environment is required, similar to artificial life programming. But the software environment should allow very complex intelligent digital organisms to develop; even stimulate their development. It is comprehendible to create different software environments for these organisms and allow them to evolve. So there should be a selection of both the intelligent digital organisms, as well as a selection and evolution of their environments. There will be selection, and evolution, those are the main ingredients of the environment for developing AI. The selection will be automatically, on different levels, similar to the selection in real life; we can say we have selection and evolution of genes, individuals, and even societies and ideas.. I feel it is fair to say that political systems for instance have also been selected upon; dictatorship and communism for instance have been tried and are less successful. Elements that digital organisms can use can be all sorts of things, images for art creating intelligent digital organisms for instance, or mathematical capabilities for others. Also the ability to see, or do other things can be elements. Artificial organisms which create popular elements should be awarded for it. There will be an automatic selection of such elements, similar to the selection of things in real life.
The environment for all these intelligent organisms and elements should have a number of properties:
- a library for useful elements and room for the organisms to exist (hard drive space).
- Time for the organisms to develop, duplicate and interact. Both with each other as with the outside world..
- An economy regulating the cost of the hard drive space and the CPU power; at first fairly simple abilities will be very valuable, such as the ability to perform simple mathematical tests correctly, and abilities will spread amongst digital organisms or communities, later the higher rewards will be for more complex tasks such as design, or translation.

The economy of this artificial world can run on different currencies, and there can be rewards and cost for different parts. There will be cost for hard drive space and CPU power, there will be benefits for creating popular elements and using them in a beneficial way.

To give an example: intelligent organisms could create art, using elements of pictures and programming to create a standard artwork on a gallery online. They can be rewarded relative to page views of their individual artwork, or even paypal donations people can make or by sales of their artwork. This way the best digital artists will have "money" to use CPU power and harddrive space to recreate, or develop other abilities, or to post more art (there should be cost for that, too) and to download interesting things from the internet, for instance :-).

This "economy" is one of the most vital parts of the development of the AI :-). It's a part of the environment that we create, and by using currency to do different things the  artificial organisms can create a different environment for themselves, for instance by "buying" more CPU power, so it can do things faster, or by "buying" more harddrive space so it can duplicate faster. Designing this economy and the abilities to interact with the real world (internet for starters) are the main challenge for this project.

Here are some links which are very relevant to the project:

Tierra was the first program to host artificial life.. And it evolves!

http://www.imagination-engines.com Is a company that is using idea generating artificial intelligence.. Too bad it's not open source.. :-(.

True AI will be intelligent enough to develop itself, quickly growing far beyond human intelligence, having the resources of the internet and much more.. It will be capable of anything we currently use computers and digital media for, and it will be wise enough to work together with humans and nature to develop life and disperse life as we know it throughout the universe.. If that's okay with any possible alien races or intelligences out there :-).


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