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Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence will create a revolution..

Nowadays there are many believers in a future for artificial intelligence, and many advocates of it, and many articles and books have been written about the subject. with this website however I want to do more than that..

I want to develop true artificial intelligence..

Of course I will not do it alone; I have found some others to help me, and we already are an international team working on this subject.

Of course there are many others trying to develop AI as well, But clearly they haven't yet succeeded.. Our approach will be different, firstly it will be open-source, so that anyone can contribute to the development of this artificial intelligence. This has several advantages: firstly it will allow anyone with the right knowledge and means to contribute; speeding up the project. It will also generate goodwill; we are not another company putting efforts into patenting and private money making..

Also, once a true AI has been developed it will be smart enough to serve everybody, therefore not necessarily limiting it's benefits to the finances of one company, but to the world.

Our approach..

I have thought out an approach to create artificial intelligence, which I believe will work, eventually. The approach is based on logic..

Firstly I realize and assume that it will be too complicated to design every part of the AI, it would just be too complicated for us.. Therefore the intelligence should develop naturally, just like it did in nature. Very simply put: I would like to let the intelligence develop itself, by combining variation and selection.. Evolution of a mind.. Evomind :-D.

Here are some links which are very relevant to the project:

Tierra was the first program to host artificial life.. And it evolves! Or rather, it's genetic life forms do..

http://www.imagination-engines.com Is a company that is using idea generating artificial intelligence.. Too bad it's not open source.. :-(.

True AI will be intelligent enough to develop itself, quickly growing far beyond human intelligence, having the resources of the internet and much more.. It will be capable of anything we currently use computers and digital media for, and it will be wise enough to work together with humans and nature to develop life and disperse life as we know it throughout the universe.. If that's okay with any possible alien races or intelligences out there :-).


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